We Record


We will help you tell it.


Podcast Studio is a podcast recording facility based at 27 boxes in Melville.

The studio is available to absolutely anyone who wants to record content and we have packages to suit hobbyists as well as serious podcasters and businesses. We also have the ability to stream content live to the internet.

Our Studio

Our studio at 27 boxes is built into a shipping container and although small, can accommodate up to 4 people on mic at a time. We have a small vocal booth for voice overs.

Our Clients

These podcasts are proudly hosted at Podcast Studio.

The Office Podcast
Ms LeloB, Kea & Lyton
The Nights Watch
Ms LeloB, Pearl, Thabang
Queens Fortress
Pick Me Up Poetry
NSpire Solutions
Heidi Thompson
Pangea Sessions
Baphiwe Mangcotywa
Chica Travel
Lelo Boyana
Coffee Conversations
Vivian Chuene